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Your customers spend hours every day on social networks, far away from traditional media. Are you there to talk with them? And do you know how you can measure the ROI of those efforts?

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In Belgium, 2 out of 3 businesses aren’t active on the Internet. And even for those who are, the results aren’t necessarily satisfying. This causes a loss of dozens of thousands euros in income. And next to that, a lot of companies are still investing massively in old media, even though consumers are not paying attention there anymore. That is a loss of resources that undermines profitability. Internet and social media are the biggest revolution since the invention of the printing machine. So why is it so hard for companies to make the move?

  • Because they feel there is potential but they aren’t sure what the limitations are, and they don’t know how to calculate the ROI, which is scary
  • Because they don’t have the skills within the company, or they don’t have time
  • Because everything is changing so fast on the internet and on social media that they don’t know how to keep up or what new directions to follow or not

But there are solutions!

  • Your presence on social media and on the internet can be framed by objectives, and results can be measured
  • Your skills can be enhanced by training or outsourcing
  • You can be kept informed about new evolutions and new strategic directions

Those solutions are within hand’s reach when you hire the right partner for your digital marketing.


Can be where your clients and prospects are paying attention every day, multiples times à day: Internet and social media.

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They used our services.

Marie-Hélène trained my team on how to communicate with social media. A very relevant training, sensible advice and concrete examples came from her great creativity and her ability to adapt to her public. Marie-Hélène is a real professional trainer who knows how to combine theory and practice. I can definitely recommend her, in a world where many people call themselves communicators but very few really master the rules. Patrick Wauquier

Senior Partner & Founder, Call International

Marie-Hélène shows a lot of expertise in digital marketing. We worked together on a training program about social media, and she helps me on a regular basis for the translation/rewriting of content from Dutch to French. I am happy I can always count on her. She is always ready to work on new projects, and so am I ! Margot Hanjoul

Community Manager, Renault-Dacia BeLux

Fast, friendly, fun and incredibly good : from web copy with keyword sensitivity to social media updates, Marie-Hélène does it all in impeccable French. Chuck Norris approves. And so do I. Gerrit Janssens

B2B content & conversation cook, BBC Communications

After having read 2 or 3 books, then having talked with a few « Facebook specialists », I felt really lost on how to promote my website and my book. An hour of enthusiastic chat with Marie-Hélène was enough to bring things into perspective and to focus my Facebook and SEO strategies on the most important things again. Impressive. John Rizzo

Auteur, Sauver l'Ecole